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DIY Center Console Removal
Base Model 350Z
Written By: Scafremon

    Tools Required:
  1. Medium slotted screwdriver, and small flat-head screwdriver.

  2. Grasp front of shifter ring and gently pull upward.

  3. This part of the console will snap out.

  4. The top portion of this piece will slide down, and you can then rotate this assembly to the side.

  5. If you want, you can remove the white ribbon cable for the temperature controls, so you can move the shifter piece further out of your way.

  6. Remove the rubber mat from bottom of Navigation compartment.

  7. Remove the 2 screws that hold in the Nav door catch piece.

  8. Remove the Nav Door Catch. Even though the screws are out, it is still held by a couple clips. Try and pinch the lip with your thumb, and get your fingernails in the crack behind it. It will pop out.

  9. Remove the 2 screws that are now exposed.

  10. Remove the six (6) screws circled here. Note: The innermost screws hold the white plastic box in. We need to remove these screws, To loosen the white box, but the white box does not get removed from the car.

  11. Grasp the top of the console with your finger tips, and gently pull towards you.

  12. It will snap out.

  13. You can now slide the center console towards you a couple inches, but not too far, as you need to Disconnect the center gauge assembly wiring. The white clip releases by pinching it front and back.

  14. Now you can slide the assembly further out.

  15. Tilt it towards you, to expose the rear of the radio.

  16. Unplug the antennae (it just pulls straight out), and the (2) radio wiring harnessís. These harness release by pushing in the Tang on the top. I used the small screwdriver.

  17. Now you can remove the complete assembly.