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How-to run power from battery through the firewall

I did this after the fact, but as you can see I was able to run 2 4 guage wires with no problem. I don't think 2 0 guage wires would be any different.

  1. remove the battery cover

  2. Remove the one fastener that holds down the 'engine area trim piece'. This will allow you some room when cutting and running the wires through the gromet in the next step.

  3. The picture doesn't show it too well, but on the other side of the fuse block, there is a big wiring harness that runs through a black rubber gromet. I used a sharp utility knife to cut an 'x' below the wire harness. Make sure you don't hit the harness by accident. Lift up on that trim piece if you need to. I was able to fit a flash light on top of the battery - let me see what I was doing and allowed me two free hands to do work instead of one holding up on the plastic.

  4. now, on the passenger side, pop off the door sill trim piece.

  5. remove the kick panel

  6. Now, push your wire through the hole you made from the engine side. Putting yourself in a strange contorted position, you will be able to see the wire on the other side (in side the car). Pull the wire through.

  7. Pull the rubber door seal off from the bottom of the car body

  8. Now lift up the carpet and run the wire along the door sill and up the door pillar. On the door pillar (with the plastic cover peice removed) you will see holes where you can pass the wire through to the glove box area. Put it back together in reverse order.

  9. Just want to add a pic of what I did. The same way, but shows what gromet your talking about. Tie wrap the fuse holder to the cable and connected the 4awg to the battery post. Oh, its easier if you remove the 'engine area trim piece'. Just pop the second pin out near the top. Pull up the rubber seal and slide the whole thing out. This'll give you plenty of room to work with.

  10. Heres one with the plastic back on and safety cap. Had to cut a slit in the cap so that it'll close flush with the new lug. The cable is pretty much hidden, I could wrap some more wire loom on it to make it look totally stock.