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Compiled from ACP's post on the my350Z.com Forums and his Project 350Z

Stock Fuel Damper

Driverside Fuel Rail Damper

Aeromotive A1000-6 Fuel Pressure Regulator

Hardline Compression Fuel Fitting

w/ AN-6 Fitting

Hardline to Stainless Installed

Cutting off the end of Fuel Rails

Welding on AN6 Fittings

Fuel Rail Adaptors

Seperate Feed for each Fuel Rail

Fuel Rails Back in Place

Return Line End of Fuel Rails

Return Lines Installed

Return Lines back to Fuel Presssure Regulator

Fuel Pump Installation

Fuel Return

Backside of bulkhead

Fuel Return Line

Fuel Pump Assembly

Stock in-line Fuel Pump & Walbro 255 High Pressure/Volume Fuel Pump

Modification needed to fit in new pump

Enlarging Hole for clip

Getting gas on the o-ring will expand it, requiring a replacement