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The Driver's side (left) rear speaker has a Light Green wire and Black/Yellow wire...

Light Green is positive-
Black/Yellow is negative-

The Passenger's side (right) rear speaker has a Green/White wire and a Solid Green wire...

Green/White is positive-
Solid Green is negative-

Step 1.

You must remove the side panels that look like this. See the pop in rivets. They pop out easily. And pop back in easily. It helps to duck behind the car while your friend does it for you.

also...the little storage bins come out EEEEEASY. Just put your hand in upside down, lift and pull out.

Step 2.

To remove the top panel where the speakers are...start with pulling towards the front of the vehicle like this....

note...the top part with the grills "hooks" into the panel facing the rear of the car. See the "slots"?

Your objective is to pull the top piece out toward the back, THEN up to clear the tabs

here is a pic to see the tabs that click into the sheet metal of the car. Just rock back and forth until they release. It does not take too much effort. Think if it as holding a dog trying to run away. You want to hold firmly, but not cause injury.

Here's an image of the back after disassembling the interior..