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Pics from my TEIN Flex w/ EDFC Installation

bent wheel sensor support

normal wheel sensor support


wiring for the EDFC unit

front motor wires run through the firewall grommet

motor wires in passenger floor

ground point behind triple meters

illumination and power wires from alpine harness

switched 12-volt from hardwired valentine underneath storage bin

motor installation on shocks

rear motor height

rear motor installed

front motor installed

front motor height, no clearance problems with front strut bar

passenger side motor in vehicle

driver side motor in vehicle (focus, focus, focus!)

front installed
Note: bolt connecting front axle to upper link was removed for install. disconnect and remove both front shocks and install new ones on both sides *before* bolting anything back together.

rear spring installed

road clearance afterwards

old suspension, no i don't live in canada

old rear spring

lame garage pics

stickers rawk! (er, ok, maybe not)